WHO IS sage?

sage ELECTRONICS® was founded (in 2002) and is operated by long-time record producer Phillip Victor Bova and his wife Janet Kirby.

phil bova with hatAs the owner and operator of well loved and respected recording studios for many years; Phillip designs and manufactures the sort of high-end audio recording components he is proud to own and use in his own facilities … great sounding, easily operated, nice looking durable stuff …

His design philosophy is simple … and perhaps best articulated by this striking quote:

‘I shut my eyes in order to see.’

Paul Gauguin (1848 – 1903)

phil bova at boardPhillip began his pro audio career in 1973 when, off the road as a touring musician for a brief stint – he built his first recording studio in a little town called Vars, Ontario. Since that time he has designed, built, equipped and operated recording facilities for himself and others {including Ambience Recorders (x 3), Raven Street Studios, Hydra Sound, Studio VU and his current residential facility bova sound


sage studio collageThe unabashed theme throughout these facilities has been a basic yet fanatical devotion to organic recording and production … skilled use of some of the world’s best vintage gear ~ along with the ‘state-of’-the-art technology of the day to get outstanding sounds to tape or drive in comfortable, efficient great sounding rooms and control rooms.

The sound and feel of the hundreds of sessions Phillip has produced are a testament to this purist sonic fanaticism … a demo of excerpts from some of these sessions is available on CD for the asking.

Phillip’s over-the-top passion for great sounding gear has not only caused him to amass mouth-watering collections of some very cool, very rare equipment and instruments ~ but has compelled him to become intimately familiar with the mechanical and electronic workings of every piece of gear he has ever laid his hands on …

Born out of this keen love and regard for excellent audio equipment, Phillip began working in the early 70’s with various electronics gurus to modify, design and build his own custom audio gear, first for his own and staff’s use, and now ultimately for other discerning studio operators.

His studio designs have included everything from elaborate multi-studio commercial facilities featuring ‘faraday caged live-end dead-end wrap-around control rooms, recording rooms with cathedral ceiling and plate reverb chambers ~ and a complete Foley sound stage facility (designed by famed Foley Artist / Designer Mr. Andy Malcolm) to private project and DAW setups.

sage studio collage

These days Phillip’s primary obsession is sage ELECTRONICS® ~ where he designs and oversees the hand-assembly of every detail of every component that sage produces.

“I designed these components and now manufacture them because after operating studios for over twenty five years ~ I was frustrated with the high maintenance / cost associated with owning ‘vintage’ gear. While I truly loved the way this classic equipment sounded when it was working properly, it seemed like I was spending more time fixing it than recording … and so sage ELECTRONICS® was formed to produce gear in the spirit of classic 1960s / 70s equipment but with brand new high quality components … great sounding single minded gear that will last for many years to come.”

sage ELECTRONICS® products are precisely assembled ‘by hand’ ~ and brains ~ using only high- grade components and materials ~ with a level of care and attention to detail only a designer would dream of applying. As our name implies ~ sage products are designed to stand the tests of time ~ they are built to perform and remain stable for many years.


s a g e


one recognized for experience, prudence and foresight; a profoundly wise counselor or philosopher


characterized by or proceeding from calm, far-seeing wisdom and prudence


able, acute, adept, astute, attentive, bright, brilliant, calculating, careful, cautious, circumspect, clear-sighted, clever, considerate, cool-headed, critical, deliberate, dignified, discerning , discreet, discriminating, earnest, experienced, farsighted, genius, grave, guru, heedful, imaginative, ingenious, insightful, intelligent, inventive, judicious, keen, knowing, leader, learned, master, mentor, meticulous, no nonsense, observant, penetrating, perceptive, play safe, ponderous, prophetic, prudent, quick-witted, quiet, ready, reasonable, resourceful, responsible, responsive, safe, sagacious, scrupulous, sensible, sensitive, serious, sharp, shrewd, skillful, sober, stade, subtle, teacher, thoughtful, thorough, tutor, versed, vigilant, well-balanced, wary, watchful