was founded and is operated by long-time record producer Phillip Victor Bova.

As the owner and operator of well loved and respected recording studios for many years; Phillip designs and manufactures the sort of high-end audio recording gear he is proud to own and use in his own facilities ... great sounding, easily operated, nice looking durable stuff ...

His design philosophy (much like his record production one) is simple ... and perhaps best articulated by this striking quote;

'I shut my eyes in order to see.' Paul Gauguin (1848 - 1903)

a short clip to show the new active d.i. box from sage ELECTRONICS ~ the MIGHTY G™ ~ in action up against a commonly used industry standard passive d.i. ~ featuring Berklee College of Music grad ~ da gamba / bass person extraordinaire Adam Fogo ~ recorded directly through a sage ELECTRONICS SE-Pre1 mic pre to 24 bit digital

Your Mighty G DI has an incredible sound and is so easy to use! Small but might is the best way I can describe it.