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8 channel rackmount

discrete class A

$5,432.00 + tax


Racking Solution

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$5,432.00 + tax

Audio Samples

Ultimately, of course all that matters is the sound … a listen’s worth a thousand words.

Here are some samples of various instruments recorded exclusively through SE-Pre1™ mic preamps.

All of these samples were recorded digitally, completely flat and dry with absolutely no eq, compression, or effects processors of any kind. You can download these samples and import them into your digital workstation. This will allow you to hear them as we intended. Listen, and enjoy!

What's in the Box


Discrete Class A microphone Preamp

(racking and power supply options available)


Designed and hand-constructed by long-time record producer Phillip Victor Bova and friends ~ these pres use discrete class A transistor circuitry hand-selected precision-matched components, hand-wired and assembled to deliver an incredibly punchy and open sound quality.


  • discrete class A transistor circuitry
  • hand-selected precision-matched components
  • hand-wired and assembled
  • unclip-able input (even by extreme mic signals) – requires no input pad
  • 26 dBu output capable of driving a 600 ohm load or greater (this covers everything from vintage gear to the latest digital audio workstations)
  • 48 volt switch-able phantom power w/ jewel light indicator
  • Vishay™ gain pot
  • gold plated XLR balanced I / O connectors
  • very low self noise
  • separate DC connector cable from each SE-Pre1 module to power supply
  • unique exotic wood (purple heart or oak) front panel detailing w/ vintage-style knob and switch


  • 2 modules (CDN $1358.) can be;
    • mounted horizontally in 19″ 2 RU metal or plexi rackmount panel ~ sold separately at CDN $89./
    • housed ~ along with the SE-PS2 power supply and cables ~ in an aluminum carrying case with high density die cut foam insert ~ sold separately at CDN $139.
  • 8 modules (CDN $5432.) can be;
    • racked in a 19″ 4 RU metal rackmount panel ~ sold separately at CDN $189./
    • racked in an aluminium w/ laminate rack road case with wood and metal rails and removable front and back panels (as shown above) ~ sold separately at CDN $489./


single channel stand alone or rackmount-able module
dimensions: 4"d x 2"w x 3 rack units high
(front panel = 2 1/4"wide x 5 1/8" high)
weight: 2.7 lbs
maximum gain: 50dB (can be customized)
phantom power: +48V DC (switch-able w/ indicator)
EIN: 0.27 uV rms in 20kHz bandwidth with 200 ohm source
dynamic range: > 90dB (no weighting)
frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz (+ / - 0.5 dB)
input impedance: 2000 ohms
output impedance: 100 ohms
maximum input level: +15dBu
maximum output level: +26dBu
CMRR: >90dB
total harmonic distortion (THD): <0.1% (typical)
transistors: hand-selected / precision matched
power requirements: SE-PS® external power supply


  • every sage module is FULLY tested, 'burned-in' and signed by the 'builder' prior to shipment
  • the SE-Pre1™ carries a generous 3 year warranty
  • all units require an external power supply
  • our SE-PS2™ external power supply (capable of powering up to 2 SE-Pre1s) is housed and sold separately
  • our SE-PS8™ external power supply (capable of powering up to 8 SE-Pre1s) is housed and sold separately
  • for those so inclined - we can provide basic guidelines for building your own / - 24 V power supply - or having one built for you
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