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Spherically mounted condenser microphone.

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  • a spherically-mounted high-intensity small diaphragm electret condenser capsule
  • all discrete class A transformer-less electronics
  • active balanced outputs
  • robust vintage-style solid brass hardware for versatile and stable positioning
  • precision Manfrotto ball and socket mechanism for versatile positioning
  • phantom powered electronics
  • hand-selected, precision-matched components
  • hand-wired and assembled
  • pickup pattern omni at low frequencies gradually transitioning to directional with increasing frequency – ie: very graceful change from on-axis to off-axis pickup

PRODUCT SPECS – SE-BB1™ – a bova ball™

a spherically mounted condenser mic

dimensions: 4″ diameter
weight: 2.0lbs
maximum sound pressure: >140 decibels
output connector: 3 pin XLR
output impedance: 100 ohms balanced
power requirements: 48V phantom


  • robust vintage-style solid brass hardware
  • precision Manfrotto ball and socket mechanism for versatile positioning
  • a stunningly open-sounding microphone ~ effective as a drum overhead, hi-hat or percussion mic, or on anything requiring extreme transient detail at high SPL
  • designed and manufactured (by hand) in Canada
  • all modules subject to burn-in period – for maximum reliability
  • one year warranty

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  “I just tried out my new Bova Balls on acoustic guitar and must say I’m very impressed. They are “kinda” Omni and although I use omni on acoustic guitar quite a bit these things have a magic attached to them … We tried X/Y, ORTF, near coincident and a few other random placements and ALL of them had the bass frequencies tightly up the middle, the low mids almost scooped and spread in a cool way and the highs dancing around the edges like magic dust. These mics are bright but not harsh, natural but also supernatural and they will be staying with me for a host of uses I’m sure.”


Kevin ‘Fibes’ Rose
Elevated Basement Studio
Savannah, GA
as posted to the EQ UBB forum


This electret condenser microphone is the first in a series of hand-crafted studio recording mics fondly known as the bova balls.

The SE-BB1 will appeal to those who require a stunningly open-sounding microphone ~ effective as a drum overhead, hi-hat or percussion mic, or on anything requiring extreme transient detail at high SPL.


Ultimately, all that matters is the sound

… a listen’s worth a thousand words.

Here are some samples of various instruments recorded exclusively with SE-BB1 bova ball condenser mic(s) through SE-Pre mic pres. All of these samples were recorded digitally, completely flat and dry with absolutely no eq, compression, or effects processors of any kind. You can download these samples and import them into your digital workstation. This will allow you to hear them as we intended. Listen, and enjoy!

44 reviews for BOVA BALL
condenser microphone

  1. Joel Hamilton Studio G Brooklyn, NY

    Phil! I am at the Grammys!! I just got this email sitting at the Grammys. I will email you soon! I used the bova balls all over this record by pretty lights. Nominated for a Grammy.

  2. “@”beautypill

    At first I didn’t like the Bova Ball because I was misusing it. You have to give it some air. Voraciously detailed.

  3. Joel Hamilton-Studio G, Brooklyn

    Hi there!!
    I am at Rick Rubins studio in Malibu. It’s called shangri la and was made great by the band and bob Dylan.
    I am starting the next pretty lights record, currently. The bova balls are here with me. James Gadson came in for a day of tracking with us, and the bova balls, as always, really were shining with someone that really has an amazing kit balance. Such a great guy.
    Lots of great players here this week.
    Glad to have your great mics with me to capture these performances.
    Hope you are all warm and well.
    -Joel Hamilton
    Studio G, Brooklyn

  4. Joel Hamilton

    Just about to get my “bova ball” finally. I am really looking forward to that microphone. Check it out on the Sage electronics site. I will post a review as soon as I track something with it. The people at Sage are AMAZING, amazingly nice, and very much the kind of company I like to support.

    I am trying out a pair of their mic pre’s next week, and I am really looking forward to it. They look gorgeous, I hope they sound really good as well!

    anyone checked this company/studio/family out before?

    They are really nice, and make really cool stuff.I love that they say that the mic pre is “unclippable!” rock on canada!


  5. Kevin ‘Fibes’ Rose Elevated Basement Studio

    I just got a duo of Bova Ball mics and i am completely hooked. They freaking rock. Kevin ‘Fibes’ Rose Elevated Basement Studio as posted to r/e/p ~ psw forum Fri, 02 September 2005

  6. Joel Hamilton, Studio G

    I have been absolutely loving the Bova Ball, and i really, really love the Sage electronics mic pre. They have become my “go to” kick and snare pre’s. So open, and HUGE. Even in a big room with a neve or API I would use the Sage pre’s on the kick and snare for sure. I only have two right now, but I hope to get a few more… amazing front end, and really well made.

    … Amazing customer support, quality gear that sounds great, unique look and feel specific to you… what more could you ask for!?!? I highly suggest contacting Sage electronics, as They are some of the nicest people to deal with on the planet, gear manufacturer or not….
    as posted to’

    Home Recording dot com BBS > Equipment Forums > Microphones > Unique Mics

  7. Fibes

    I did a cello session last night and was amazed at the combination of SM-2 up high and a set of Bova-Balls in ORTF about 3-4 feet out front. Damn those are some magic balls.

    Posted to REP – Forum: M.A.R.S., the Musicians And Recording Stuff forum! «»

    Posted On: Wed, 21 September 2005 09:24 «» By: Fibes

  8. FIBES (Member # 20132)

    So tonite i tried my omni Bova Balls as overheads.

    There was a spot right over the front of the kit that was magical, i placed them there and know i could make the entire drum sound out of ’em. The imaging is incredible.
    Posted to Use Your Ears forum at MusicPlayer Forums

  9. Terry Manning of Compass Point Studios, then Nassau, Bahamas

    Recently I bought a couple of the Sage Mic Pre’s and two of their Bova Ball Microphones.

    I wasn’t sure what to make of those strange looking mics when I saw them online, but why not find out?

    First, I have only used them on one session plus a little experimentation, not yet enough to say a whole lot; but so far, I really like the pre’s. They seem very transparent; quiet, solid sounding, somewhere in between the tight API sound and the somewhat grainy old Neve. But they are definitely hearkening back to that era in sonics. There aren’t a lot of “features,” basically just a volume control and a phantom on/off switch with indicator lamp, but who needs features, really? It’s the sound that counts for me.

    Plus, the pre seems to take about anything you can throw at it, so a pad isn’t as necessary as on many pre’s.

    The mics, however, are really out there…at least in looks. If you haven’t seen them, be sure to peruse. They could be alien space eyes looking back at you.

    Seems to be a small diaphraghm (very small) condenser in omni, although by the laws of physics, they get a bit less omni at highest freq’s.

    My first usage of this system was for some new acoustic + vocal Cat Power tracks. I put one mic/pre on acoustic guitar as the only pickup for that, and the other mic/pre combo on Cat’s vocal, in conjunction with a U-47 through an old Neve.

    On both sources, the mics were amazing. Nothing else was needed on acoustic (about 4″ away pointing at 12th fret joint)…the omni pattern worked great, and I could move the mic in a bit more towards the sound hole if needed, without massive proximity buildup.

    On the vocal, the Ball gave an excellent “airy” sound in conjunction with the 47. Once I had the two together (positioned as carefully as possible for phase issue avoidance), I could never listen to just the 47 alone…I had to add the Ball in there.

    Anyway, I will be doing a lot more experimentation with these, and will report back if anyone wants.

    Is anyone else using Sage?


    Regards, Terry

  10. Terry Manning of Compass Point Studios, then Nassau, Bahamas

    maxim wrote on Thu, 20 July 2006 03:36

    terry wrote:

    “other mic/pre combo …in conjunction with a U-47 through an old Neve”

    two mics on vocal: common technique?

    just summed in the mix, or filtered first?

    Not a common technique with me. I generally prefer ONE MIC on most any source, especially vocals.

    However, I was trying out the SAGE Bova Ball Mic, and recording in another studio than mine (although one in which I’ve worked a lot before), so I wanted to “be sure,” just in case I did not like the Ball on vox. Also, I wanted Cat (first time working with her) to feel as normal and comfortable as possible. And staring at a Bova Ball is not really normal!

    So I put up the 47 in the normal way, and placed the Ball as adjacent as possible.

    The 47 went through the old Neve console’s 1073-based pre, and the Ball through the Sage.

    Each mic was tracked separately.

    Once in mixing, I just found that my favourite vocal sound for the song was the two mic’s mixed together. Neither one was as good independently as the two mixed.

    For me, that is a rare occurrence.

    I attribute it partly to the excellent quality added by the Ball, and also to the fact that its omni pattern added good ambience, rather than phase problems and cancellation.

    I have found this several times recently, on things such as amp’d guitar overdubs, or percussion overdubs. Using an LDC cardiod in conjunction with an sdc omni can work a lot better than two cardiods.

    Also, on the SAGE support front, I had one supply blowing fuses, and Janet and Phil spared no effort or expense to make it right, immediately. They are great folks to work with.

    Really liking the mic pre.
    Terry Manning of Compass Point Studios, then Nassau, Bahamas


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  11. Joel Hamilton

    Sage electronics “BOVA ball.”…. 579 CDN, so … like 500? $USA? ish? My favorite omni microphone. A spherical omni mic like if your head was mono… Totally amazing for anything where an omni is appropriate, and even some jobs where it really isn’t, because the spherical thing makes certain frequencies more directional than others…. incredible on many sources. I have earthworks TC30k’s that I still love, but the bova really is more musical and completely one of the most “open” microphones I own. Just amazing at any price, but totally affordable to boot!
    Posted to Tape Op Message Board Forum Index -> Gear Talk

    by Joel Hamilton:

    Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2006 11:40 pm?? ?Post subject: Re: What is your favorite piece of gear costing less than $6?

  12. Scodiddly

    Hey Joel, how’s the Bova Ball worked for you so far? Building a sphere mic is on my (now incredibly overstuffed) to-do list.

    Love it. I have used the bova ball on almost every drum kit I have recorded since i got it. It is already on like 9 full records, and a zillion other recordings. One of my favorites for sure. It is just like your head, only mono…and grey…with no hair… but other than that, just like having your head right next to the drums! PLEASANT!!!
    Tape Op Message Board Forum Index -> Gear Talk

    Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2006 10:02 am?? ?Post subject: Re: Show us your microphones!!

  13. Andy Snavley, Bendy Music

    This is truly a unique mic, it is gently omni directional, is phantom powered, captures transients clearly and has terrific frequency detail. We loved it so much we bought 2 more! The Bova Balls, have found a happy home here recording acoustic guitars, stereo piano, drum overheads, and cymbals.

  14. compasspnt

    Be careful where you put Bova Balls. You will want more of them. Terry Manning of Compass Point, then Bahamas Posted to REP ~ Forum: Budget? Budget? We Don’t Got No Steekin’ Budjet «» Posted On: Sat, 02 September 2006 18:20 «»

  15. Charter Oak, Averill… in Brooklyn

    Hi Janet and Phil,

    I hope someone gets that Bova from you. they are incredible microphones! like your head, only mono…. and smaller…. and gray….. on a mic stand…

    They seriously kick ass every time I put them up. I have never, not ever, never one time put up a bova ball and then decided it was not working, regardless of genre! (drums).

    >From drum and bass, to jazz, to heavy rock, to metal: this thing goes up and stays up for every basic tracking session I have done since first getting the thing a few years ago! Awesome. People always ask what the hell these mics are as well!

    Totally fun, and hand made by some of my very favorite people in audio….
    Posted: Sat Nov 04, 2006 1:12 am?? ?Post subject: Re: Purple, A-Designs, Sage, Charter Oak, Averill… in Brooklyn

  16. Patrick Donicht, The Audio Vortex

    Hi Janet and Phil,

    I want to take the opportunity to say hello and let you know how much I love the Bova Balls. They have been used all over the studio with great success as overheads on drums (perhaps the clearest drum recording i’ve ever made), as conga mic’s (my personal favorite application) they excel, and all places where a small diaphragm mic is used.

    I’d like to share a story of one of the Balls in action. This past summer I did a little live sound work outside at a local art fair. My partner brought a couple cases of mic’s from the studio to that end and to my surprise he brought an SE-BB1. Not the type of mic you’d think to used outside or live since there is no way to easily provide a wind screen. At the time it wasn’t windy so we stuck the Ball over the drums. Wow did that sound great or what! But here’s the kicker. After a while the wind kicked up and we started getting some wind noise. In between songs we muted each mic to see which one was causing the noise and were amazed to discover that the only mic NOT making any wind noise was the SE-BB1 Bova Ball !

    Thank you for such a great product and company. You folks are a pleasure to work with and talk to. I’ve attached a picture of my new favorite mic combo set up…hope you enjoy it.

    Patrick Donicht
    The Audio Vortex

  17. Theo Aronson, Brooklyn , NY

    Hey Janet!

    Hope all is well. I finally got a chance to track some stuff with my new sage gear and it was truly music to my ears, pun intended :)-

    I love the preamps and the Bova Ball is my new favorite microphone. I like it so much that I’m going to start bringing it to sessions with me and I am going to have a custom flight case/box made to transport it. You guys don’t make one already, do you?

  18. Michael O’ Connor County Wicklow, Ireland

    Hello again and congratulations on your new arrival- he’s a cute little thing.
    I finally had a chance to try out the Bova Ball and am really chuffed with it. It’s made a big difference to my little setup here. I’m using it with a Charteroak sa538 on acoustic guitar and vocals and getting nice results- finally!
    So, thanks again and enjoy the grandparenting!

  19. Terry Manning, Compass Point Studios, then Nassau Bahamas

    … The congas were mic’d in two ways. For my initial tracking experiment, I had put a Sennheiser MD-402U, a hyper-cardioid microphone with a very gentle high end rise, right between the two conga heads, very close, trying to give the other guys some conga sound in the cans as they tracked. Then for the “real” ones, played right after the basic of each song, I had my new “Lucas Experimentally Modified” Bova Ball Head stereo mic. I put two Bova Balls on either side of our experimental l “head,” which in this case was an old Ampex tape box. Simulating the concept of the Jecklin disk, I suppose. The box was to serve as the “head-in-between” the two omni-directional “ears” (the B-Balls).

    However, I ended up liking the combination of both mic techniques. The Bova “Head” gave amazing and beautiful true stereo from a fair distance, providing excellent room sound ambience. The 402-U, mixed in relatively low, gave a tiny bit of present “thwack” of the hands directly on the heads.

    The Bovas were run through the matching Bova preamps. No EQ or compression.

    Here’s the “head.”

    Terry Manning
    Compass Point Studios, then Nassau Bahama
    from Anatomy of a Session in May forum

  20. Terry Manning, Compass Point Studios, then Nassau Bahamas

    Yes, I have three of the NT-4’s, and love them for stereo usage.

    You have also hit upon my other favourite “unknown” mic, the Bova Balls. They are amazing.

    And also a big hit when people see them. The Bova (Sage) mic pre’s are excellent as well.

  21. Terry Manning, Compass Point Studios, then Nassau Bahamas

    And here is the BovaHeadLady herself, new and improved over the old tape box, as she stared pensively down upon the Horns.
    She was a good listener.

    The guys wanted to name her “Sharon 2007,” but I’m not so sure yet.
    Terry Manning
    Compass Point Studios, then Nassau Bahamas
    from Anatomy of a Session in May forum

  22. KB_S1, Scotland

    I recently got a pair of Bova Balls from Sage. I haven’t needed to use anything else for OH’s since. Phase coherence is superb no matter how they are positioned, they don’t have the hyped upper mid’s that so many modern mic’s have and they are tank like in their build quality.
    From Canada too.

  23. Steve Sopcha, The Square Studio, LLC

    This is Steve Sopchak, a Bova Ball user from NY. I think it has been about two years since I purchased my first Bova Ball from you, though my memory of the exact date is a bit fuzzy. I just wanted to let you know that it has continued to be one of the most valuable tools in my arsenal, and has had the most positive effect on my drum sound of any piece I’ve purchased within the last few years. It captures things the way I hear them.

    It has excelled across genres… It was invaluable as a room mic for almost every instrument tracked on a record I did with an artist named Phil Smo recently, and absolutely fantastic as a FOK mic for a record I just finished with a band called Ice Nine Kills. Two vastly different records with equally stunning performance on the part of the Bova Ball. There are samples of those two records in the media section of my website if you’re interested…

    I wanted to thank you for making such a unique product, and I would love to get another one. I can’t imagine how cool they would be as stereo overheads…

    Do you have any in stock currently? If not, how long do you think it will be until they are in?

    Please let me know, and thanks again!

  24. Keith Bird Park Lane Recording Studio, Glasgow, Scotland

    Janet, just thought i should send you a quick line about the Bova Balls now that I have had a bit of time to become aqcuanited with them.

    First off, love them.

    I have been using them primarily as overhead’s for kit but also a few other unexpected roles.

    As overheads I have found them at their best in an ORTF setup, usually about head height.

    What I have found is that they do not suffer from the overhyped response in the 3-5kHz range that many modern microphones are afflicted with.

    At first this made me think they were a little dull sounding but after getting used to them i am noticing that the very high range, 12-18kHz, is actually more detailed. This is I think due the lack of masking caused by the aforemntioned mid-high hype affliction of other microphones.

    This is making cymbals and high hats enjoyable again, even over long listening spells.

    Phase relationship between the 2 mic’s is very impressive. I never seem to have to worry about them from this point of view and can position them where I want them rather than where I do not have cancellation and comb filtering issues. The only time I have had this previously was when using LDC’s in omni pattern which, is not always suitable.

    Other scenarios I have thrown them up for include; bodhran (Scottish trad’ drum), finger picking on a double bass and accordian. The accordion was to be a background part and the sound from the BB slotted into the mix without needing any adjustment.

    Build quality is excellent, the look is superb and everyone who has seen them has asked what they are and where I got them. One drummer was not overly keen on their design when he stood to adjust a symbol and hit his head on one. We were concerned for his skull, but he played on fine.

    Only issues are the weight of them and storage. New stands are on their way so I can hang them over the kit without using gaffa tape to secure the sagging stands.

    I am just about finished building a pair of boxes for them. I decided to give them suitably solid and attractive cases so, 12mm marine ply, sprung hinges, copper pipe handles and plush lining are the order of the day. I will post pics up on my flickr page soon.

    Was wondering if anyone else in the UK has them?

    Thanks again for the wonderful microphones,


  25. Steve Sopchak The Square Studio, Marcellus (Syracuse), NY

    Hey Janet,

    Thanks for the nice words on the Remember Tomorrow stuff! They actually just got signed to a decent sized independent label based off of those recordings, and I just got word this morning that the work we did together will be re-released with national distribution on May 26th. I’m really excited for them!

    It definitely makes me feel great knowing you care enough to seek out my studio/my work. I have to say that without a doubt this is one of the nicest interactions with an audio company, and one of the best purchase experiences I’ve ever had! Based on that alone, I know this mic will be awesome too!

  26. Colin Cripps, musician and record producer

    I use the Bova extensively on acoustic guitars I record these days and the results are nothing less than stellar!
    Colin Cripps
    musician and record producer

    Kathleen Edwards, Colin James, Jim Cuddy, Sarah McLaughlin, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Sarah McLachlan, Justin Rutledge, Bryan Adams
    via facebook

  27. Steve Sopchak, The Square Studio, LLC

    Hey Janet,

    I just had the chance to mess around with the pair for a little while. I am definitely thrilled with them. I can’t quite put my finger on the right way to describe them, but they have a vibey-ness associated with them that is instantly pleasing and detailed. I honestly can’t believe I waited so long to get the second one because everything I liked about the single ball is only accentuated further when using the pair. I would be 100% content using those two mics and a kick mic for an entire kit sound, as long as the player had good balance. I haven’t found a mic out there with that much mojo, while still retaining its ability to be versatile.

    Thanks so much again!

  28. Colin Cripps, musician and record producer

    Hi Phillip,I wanted to let you know I use one of your Bova Balls regularly for doing acoustic guitars and it works fantastic! A really useful and unique microphone. Beautifully made as well Cheers

    Colin Cripps
    musician and record producer
    Kathleen Edwards, Colin James, Jim Cuddy, Sarah McLaughlin, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Sarah McLachlan, Justin Rutledge, Bryan Adams
    via facebook

  29. Terry Manning, Compass Point Studios, then Nassau Bahamas

    I really like my Bova Ball microphones (and the Bova preamps), but I have unfortunately not tried them on orchestra, or in D-tree config.

    Must do that.

    They have been very good on percussion, acoustic guitar, piano, and even lead vocal (used as “ambient” mic in conjunction w/U-47, but when solo’d, would have worked fine for entire vocal sound). That was the Cat Power song on “The Hottest State” soundtrack.

  30. Matt LeMay, New York, NY

    I’m in a band called Get Him Eat Him (; we’ve done two full-length albums and a handful of self-released and home-recorded EPs.

    Here are two tracks from our last album Arms Down where we wound up mixing the Bova Ball room mic way way up:

    Audio Player
    00:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.
    Audio Player
    00:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.
    Joel Hamilton used the Bova Ball as a room mic when we were tracking drums for our last record, and we were all totally floored by the sound. It was the go-to room mic during mixing, very useful both for fleshing out the individual drum mics and for creating a larger-than-life smashed-up drum sound. I just bought one myself, and already I’m getting tons of use on acoustic guitar and percussion. It’s a versatile mic that still has tons of personality. I love it!

  31. Andy Snavley, Bendy Music

    Oh my god, you guys are so amazing. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know how to thank you enough, I love these mics and I will indeed continue to spread the already good word about them and your company. I couldn’t tell you how I happened upon your website in the first place, or why I placed the first order. But I am so glad I did, I am very appreciative to you guys for everything, and I know we will have many years of happy sounds to come. Speaking of, I will be recording my piano and a singer in the next week or so. I will be happy to send you a couple clips to listen to. Its not my material, but the composer is a good friend of mine. He keeps eyeing my stereo pair of Bova Mics. I played him a recording of my piano tuner (Keith Albright, this guy tunes pianos for all the big studios and stages in town, 81 years old, and very spry) and he was really excited. Also, we are setting up a drum kit (vintage Gretch) next week and will finally be able to try the Bova’s as overheads… Dean told me he will be writing you in the next day or two, he is a huge fan of these mics too. BTW, I hope to experience your mic preamps sometime too, if they are anything near as good as the mics (I am sure they are) then I gotta hear them!!

    Again, thank you. You guys make great products, but what makes me want to own them is as much the quality as it is the personal interaction. There is a seemingly limitless variety of mics and mic pre’s on the market, and most of them are decent. But I am much more excited about a truly great piece of gear built by truly great people. Can I join your fan club? I would be happy to help you in any way I can.

  32. Joel Hamilton, Studio G

    The Ball is amazing. Period. LOVE it. Everyone was freaking out about it. Used the ball with a Manley VTL tube reference mic pre,Pultec EQP1 (creative custom) and a neve 33609 limiter for a room mic. Simply amazing. I think I need to get another one soon, as I am in love with this mic. They “listen like a fan” is what I described the response as… Really great. There was an Acoustic bass in the room playing with the drums, and the Bova just “took down the glass” between us. Really, really great! I have not had a chance to get the pre’s rolling yet, I will today, and I am betting that the people that make the ball are going to really knock my socks off with a mic pre!

  33. Andy Snavely, Bendy Music

    I saw a nice big picture of the Bova in EQ magazine the other day, very good! I mounted mine on a stereo bar and put them under the lid of my antique grand piano. They sound terrific! Very natural, and even through out the entire range of notes. The detail of soft passages was matched by the detail of loud and complex moments, its sounds like how I hear. Amazing. I record a wide variety of musical styles and this is the only mic that can capture the essence of the music without bias or unwanted color. Whether you record pop, classical, or anything in between, this mic does it. The unique mounting hardware makes all the difference in easily achieving whatever mic position you want. We have used this mic extensively on acoustic guitars for the yet to be released Sparks record. As well as on hi-hat for the same record. We were super stoked with the sounds we recorded with this little mic. My only regret is that I only had one Bova at the time. With two of these little miracles you will really be blown away.

  34. Andy Snavely, Bendy Music

    Well, it is obvious to me that one Bova Ball mic is simply not enough. I want a second one. Lets do it! BTW, so far all the acoustic guitars on the new Sparks album are using the ball. Some with the Hamptone mic pre and some with a Universal Audio pre. Kudos!

    Also, we are curious to try out the mic pre’s.

  35. Mark Rubel, Pogo Studio

    it’s wonderful that Mr. Bova called here to check on the microphone. Everyone has been marveling over it, and I’ve found it to be marvelous sounding, especially on percussion! I’m debating now whether to buy one or two more. …

    I think the design is great, and love the way it looks and sounds. …

    I would truly love to talk with you, though the schedule is simply mad here. I’m teaching at two universities, gigging, the studio is extremely busy, and I’m getting ready to go to New Jersey to interview Les Paul for Tape Op Magazine for four days!

    I’ve shown it to all my friends, and wouldn’t be surprised if you had a few orders from Central Illinois. I do look forward to speaking with you soon. Thanks again for the terrific service and the beautiful microphone!

  36. Kevin ‘Fibes’ Rose, Elevated Basement Studio

    I just tried out my new Bova Balls on acoustic guitar and must say I’m very impressed. They are “kinda” Omni and although I use omni on acoustic guitar quite a bit these things have a magic attached to them. They claim that the ball shaped housing (like the DPA) captures the higher frequencies in a more directional way than the bass frequencies. I was skeptical but now realize that those mics do unique things on a psychoacoustic level.
    We tried X/Y, ORTF, near coincident and a few other random placements and ALL of them had the bass frequencies tightly up the middle, the low mids almost scooped and spread in a cool way and the highs dancing around the edges like magic dust. These mics are bright but not harsh, natural but also supernatural and they will be staying with me for a host of uses I’m sure.
    Kevin ‘Fibes’ Rose
    Elevated Basement Studio as posted to the EQ UBB forum

  37. Joel Hamilton

    Sage electronics “bova ball” kicks ass. I have one. I have had one for a while. i have two channels of their pre as well. Awesome people, awesome gear through and through. ——————–
    as posted to;

    EQ Magazine Forums » Use Your Ears »

    10-03-2005 11:32 AM

    by Joel Hamilton

    Member # 45521

    has worked with: Elvis Costello, Sparklehorse, Tom Waits, Unsane…etc…etc…

  38. Joel Hamilton

    Joel Hamilton says: The Bova ball is one of the most amazing omni mics I have ever used… period. Spherical omni condenser with discrete FET support circuitry= HUGE. As room mics, they are unequalled. Really: un equalled. SO open, but super flattering at the same time. Like a more flattering earthworks TC30k, or a less honest version at least, but the lies are all in favor of the performance. Absolutely amazing omni microphone, that looks amazingly weird, sounds amazingly good, and could withstand a baseball bat. Totally my perfect omni. Works well with the way I work.

  39. Patrick Donicht, The Audio Vortex

    Hello Phillip and Janet,

    Received the Balls right on schedule and in perfect working order. Quite a stunning microphone I must say. I had lots of comments from the band concerning their appearance and several questions concerning how they work! We had a chance to use them as room mic’s during a straight ahead full band recording and was surprised at how much of the room mic’s could be left in the mix. These are the best room mic’s i’ve ever used. I can’t wait to try them out on the drum overheads and in lots of other circumstances.

    I’ve attached a picture of the Balls in front of a bass trap at the studio. I do have one question concerning the Ball itself. We have all been trying to figure out what the ball is made of. We’ve concluded it must be some sort of plastic or resin………are we close? Care to divulge? We’re curious…….
    Thanks for everything. Looking forward to using these guys soon. I guess this means i’ll need a couple channels of your preamp as well……………hee hee.

  40. john french Pony Records

    hi janet, the bova ball arrived safely and is great. thanks for the phone call too. i’ll want to get a second bova ball soon. thanks,

  41. Tony Maimone Studio G Brooklyn, NY

    my 2 bova balls sound incredible in the new live room!!!!

  42. Joel Hamilton Studio G, Brooklyn et cetera

    Bova ball on drums in the new room = DRUMS

  43. Tony Maimone Studio G Brooklyn

    This sounds exciting. So glad that the Sage saga continues. Last night I walked into our A room where Joel is recording and saw the Bova mics set up in front of the drums. They sound amazing in that room.
    It was also great to see all four of our Sagpre’s in action on the ‘Federation of Disco Pimps’ record.
    From funk to rock to classical you folks are always with us

  44. Andy Snavley BENDYmusic

    Committing some final details on Josh’s jazz record. Sounds great!! ES125 captured via Phillip Victor Bova mic / Hamptone Tube pre, stellar vibe and detail. BENDYmusic — with Josh Sklair.

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