bova ball

Janet, just thought i should send you a quick line about the Bova Balls now that I have had a bit of time to become aqcuanited with them.

First off, love them.

I have been using them primarily as overhead’s for kit but also a few other unexpected roles.

As overheads I have found them at their best in an ORTF setup, usually about head height.

What I have found is that they do not suffer from the overhyped response in the 3-5kHz range that many modern microphones are afflicted with.

At first this made me think they were a little dull sounding but after getting used to them i am noticing that the very high range, 12-18kHz, is actually more detailed. This is I think due the lack of masking caused by the aforemntioned mid-high hype affliction of other microphones.

This is making cymbals and high hats enjoyable again, even over long listening spells.

Phase relationship between the 2 mic’s is very impressive. I never seem to have to worry about them from this point of view and can position them where I want them rather than where I do not have cancellation and comb filtering issues. The only time I have had this previously was when using LDC’s in omni pattern which, is not always suitable.

Other scenarios I have thrown them up for include; bodhran (Scottish trad’ drum), finger picking on a double bass and accordian. The accordion was to be a background part and the sound from the BB slotted into the mix without needing any adjustment.

Build quality is excellent, the look is superb and everyone who has seen them has asked what they are and where I got them. One drummer was not overly keen on their design when he stood to adjust a symbol and hit his head on one. We were concerned for his skull, but he played on fine.

Only issues are the weight of them and storage. New stands are on their way so I can hang them over the kit without using gaffa tape to secure the sagging stands.

I am just about finished building a pair of boxes for them. I decided to give them suitably solid and attractive cases so, 12mm marine ply, sprung hinges, copper pipe handles and plush lining are the order of the day. I will post pics up on my flickr page soon.

Was wondering if anyone else in the UK has them?

Thanks again for the wonderful microphones,

Keith Bird
Park Lane Recording Studio - Glasgow, Scotland

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The Bova Balls shine