bova ball

I’m in a band called Get Him Eat Him (; we’ve done two full-length albums and a handful of self-released and home-recorded EPs.

Here are two tracks from our last album Arms Down where we wound up mixing the Bova Ball room mic way way up:

Joel Hamilton used the Bova Ball as a room mic when we were tracking drums for our last record, and we were all totally floored by the sound. It was the go-to room mic during mixing, very useful both for fleshing out the individual drum mics and for creating a larger-than-life smashed-up drum sound. I just bought one myself, and already I’m getting tons of use on acoustic guitar and percussion. It’s a versatile mic that still has tons of personality. I love it!

Matt LeMay
New York, New York

Incredible on many sources

Changed My Life

A positive and productive relationship

Sorry LR Baggs 😎

Just Love

Safely packed for travel

Amazing little devils

I use it on every direct track


Words can’t express how great the Mighty G is

They 'listen like a fan'

I carry them with me even when i am working in a neve room


You can hear the string vibrate

Favorite new mic pre

Flattering & Natural

Great people, great gear, great attitudes

Great sonic signature

Come highly recommended

Still Going Strong!

Grammy Nominated


Bova opamps helped immensely

No more blurry RCA opamps

My 'go-to' kick and snare pre

Music's Golden Age

Mic pre is 'unclippable'

The Bova Balls shine