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Ottawa, CANADA – February 4, 2005 — sage ELECTRONICS® is proud to introduce the SE-BB1™ electret condenser microphone – the first in a series of unique and elegant studio recording mics fondly known as bova balls™

Designed by sage ELECTRONICS founder / record producer Phillip Victor Bova and hand-crafted on a one-off basis for home, project and commercial studios as well as touring producers and engineers – the SE-BB1™ bova ball features;

The SE-BB1 will appeal to those who require a stunningly open-sounding microphone – effective as a drum overhead, hi-hat or percussion mic, or on anything requiring extreme transient detail at high SPL.

The SE-BB1 bova ball™ carries a manufacturer’s suggested list price of CDN $579. (US $469.) and is available directly from the manufacturer below {also makers of purple-heart faced SE-Pre1™ mic pres and DI JOE™ di boxes}

To see / hear and understand more please visit http://www.sage-2021.local / write to: or call +(613) 228-0449