Ottawa, CANADA — April 17, 2003 — sage ELECTRONICS®, builders of high-end hand-crafted microphone preamplifiers and DI boxes, today introduced the SE-Pre1™, an elegantly simple discrete ‘class A’ mic preamp.

Designed by record producer / studio designer Phillip Victor Bova and hand-constructed on a one-off basis for home, project and commercial studios as well as touring producers, engineers and live sound pros ~ the SE-Pre1 is for anyone who has ever wanted to own a classic 1960’s or 70’s mic preamp but has been reluctant to incur the premium purchase price and costly maintenance these aging classics demand.

The SE-Pre1 will appeal to those who require a stand-alone preamp that offers great sound, ease of use, rugged construction and a long and trouble-free working life at an affordable price.

Respected audio authority Hugh Robjohns, Technical Editor, Sound on Sound wrote in a 1998 review: “Mic preamps frequently constitute the weakest links in the signal path in recording mixers (especially budget and mid-price models), the reason for this being that the average mixer has to contain so many of them. Consequently, it is common practice in the recording industry to use a very high-quality stand-alone mic preamp for the most critical jobs. Indeed, this can be a very cost-effective way to significantly improve the performance of an otherwise so-so mixer.”

The SE-Pre1 is available as a stand-alone single channel module ~ or with up to 8-channels in a 19″ 3 RU rackmount.It features:

Every module is FULLY tested, ‘burned-in’ and signed by the ‘builder’ prior to shipment.

As a division of • bova sound • sage ELECTRONICS® subscribes to a simple philosophy: “We make the kind of equipment we’re proud to own and use in our own recording facilities … I don’t want a gazillion unnecessary ‘features’ that will mess up the very signals we’re trying to preserve,” says designer / builder and studio owner Phillip Victor Bova. “The SE-Pre1 reveals sound qualities of your mics you may never have experienced. The true advantage of our pres is that they provide a clean and direct signal path from microphone to recording device ~ period.”

The SE-Pre1 comes with an easy-to-understand manual and a 3 year warranty. The product carries a manufacturer’s suggested list price of CDN $679. (US $469.) and is available directly from the manufacturer. The SE-PS™ external universal-voltage power supply (capable of powering up to 16 sage modules) sells separately for CDN $479. (US $319.).

sage ELECTRONICS® was established by bova sound in 2002 and is located in Ottawa Canada.

For more information please visit www.sageelectronics.com