sage ELECTRONICS Introduces SE-Pre 1 mic preamps

Posted by Harmony Central News on Apr 21, 2003 1:00:00 AM

sage ELECTRONICS has introduced the SE – Pre 1, an elegantly simple discrete ‘class A’ mic preamp.

Designed by record producer / studio designer Phillip Victor Bova and hand-constructed on a one-off basis for home, project and commercial studios as well as touring producers, engineers and live sound pros, the SE – Pre 1 is for anyone who has ever wanted to own a classic 1960’s or 70’s mic preamp but has been reluctant to incur the premium purchase price and costly maintenance these aging classics demand.

The SE – Pre 1 is available as a stand-alone single channel module or with up to 8-channels in a 19″ 3 RU rackmount. It features:

  • discrete class A circuitry
  • hand-selected and wired precision-matched components
  • un-clippable input (even by extreme mic signals) – requires no input pad
  • + 26 dBu output capable of driving a 600 ohm load or greater (this covers everything from vintage gear to the latest digital audio workstations)
  • + 48 volt switch-able phantom power w/ jewel light indicator
  • clarostat gain pot
  • gold plated balanced XLR I / O connectors
  • very low self noise
  • superior electromagnetic / electrostatic and rf noise shielding via shock-mounted all-steel internal + an aluminum external chassis
  • separate DC connector cable from each SE – Pre module to power supply
  • exotic wood (purple heart or oak) front panel with vintage-style knob and switch

Every module is fully tested, ‘burned-in’ and signed by the ‘builder’ prior to shipment.

The SE – Pre 1 comes with a manual and a 3 year warranty. The product carries a manufacturer’s suggested list price of CDN $679. (US $469.) and is available directly from the manufacturer. The SE – PS external universal-voltage power supply (capable of powering up to 16 sage modules) sells separately for CDN $479. (US $319.).