we have some pretty sweet gear including 2 api 7600 ch strips, a manley voxbox, a gt vipre, one ua 6176 ch strip, great river mp2nv and a drawmer 1969 to compare the sage pres too.

first of all i really like them, period. secondly for the price of the mp2nv we added four of the sage pre and the power supply. they are great value for the money.

sonically , they have a very open sound, less coloured than api or neve, but not straight wire or sterile like say the millenias. they are not a 70db gain pre amp and where they really shine is on drums because they appear to be unclippable and yet don’t require a pad. they have a big sound but not an exaggerated one.

they handle transients in a really nice way.

i always feel goofy when using audio jargon and superlatives but they really do hold there own against some pretty fine gear and we are glad to have them here, our plan is to add four more by the end of the summer to have eight channels.


Jon van Wingerden 

Audio Valley Recording Studio