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I have been using those sages for kick and snare for years now.

Check out the gear list on the studio G website below. That’s the stuff i own. I use the sage’s for kick and snare on every record I produce/engineer.

Every single one.

No matter where i am tracking… I use the sages. Also, no matter where I am tracking, I use the chandler germs for the room mics, which include the bova ball (also by sage).

Also, the people who are “Sage electronics” are some of my absolute favorite people in the world of gear. By far. They are amazing. Email them. Tell them I say hi.



and again on 6/25/08 in response to another poster’s query Joel Hamilton posted on

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Sage will make you a pair of pre’s for very little money considering the mega super crazy quality. They are hand built and are incredibly good looking/sounding. They seem to be made to last. Mine have been used heavily for years now and they just feel/look//sound exactly the same as the day they came into my life.