In regards to the MCI 400 416 428 etc with the bova discrete opamps. I wanted to wait until it was available on his site to post this, and I will make a full post of its own soon. I did a sample for his web site. A pro tools file (available to download) shooting out the modded MCI pres against the original, as well as high end outboard pres. Let me just say that these MCI pres are killer. Honestly, they (to my ears) not only smashed the original opamp, but handed the ass to both Universal audio pres as well as vintec pres. They are thick bottomed, and pure silk at the top. If you mod the whole console with these, you are sonically in the league of anything out there.

as posted to Gearslutz

2nd September 2009, 05:31 AM

by charlesaustin