Oh my god, you guys are so amazing. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know how to thank you enough, I love these mics and I will indeed continue to spread the already good word about them and your company. I couldn’t tell you how I happened upon your website in the first place, or why I placed the first order. But I am so glad I did, I am very appreciative to you guys for everything, and I know we will have many years of happy sounds to come. Speaking of, I will be recording my piano and a singer in the next week or so. I will be happy to send you a couple clips to listen to. Its not my material, but the composer is a good friend of mine. He keeps eyeing my stereo pair of Bova Mics. I played him a recording of my piano tuner (Keith Albright, this guy tunes pianos for all the big studios and stages in town, 81 years old, and very spry) and he was really excited. Also, we are setting up a drum kit (vintage Gretch) next week and will finally be able to try the Bova’s as overheads… Dean told me he will be writing you in the next day or two, he is a huge fan of these mics too. BTW, I hope to experience your mic preamps sometime too, if they are anything near as good as the mics (I am sure they are) then I gotta hear them!!

Again, thank you. You guys make great products, but what makes me want to own them is as much the quality as it is the personal interaction. There is a seemingly limitless variety of mics and mic pre’s on the market, and most of them are decent. But I am much more excited about a truly great piece of gear built by truly great people. Can I join your fan club? I would be happy to help you in any way I can.

Andy Snavley

Bendy Music