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Posted: Mon 02.05.05, 10:10 pm Post subject: Sage electronics

Just about to get my “bova ball” finally. I am really looking forward to that microphone. Check it out on the Sage electronics site. I will post a review as soon as I track something with it. The people at Sage are AMAZING, amazingly nice, and very much the kind of company I like to support.

I am trying out a pair of their mic pre’s next week, and I am really looking forward to it. They look gorgeous, I hope they sound really good as well!

anyone checked this company/studio/family out before?

They are really nice, and make really cool stuff.I love that they say that the mic pre is “unclippable!” rock on canada!



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Posted: Tue 03.05.05, 7:23 pm Post subject: ————————————————————————

I’ve had a Bova Ball for a while now…

I love it most as a mono OH in conjunction with a pair of mic in stereo in front of the drums. The Bova Ball really brings-out the attack of the toms, the sizzle of the hi-hat, and the ping of the ride.

I tried it over the shoulder on acoustic guitar, and while I loved the sound, there was too much noise to deal with. I wonder how the noise would be with their preamp.

I tried it on snare once, but it picked-up way too much hi-hat to make it useable.

Bet it’d be great on a piano or cello or something. Too bad I hardly ever get to record those.

I wish I had more time to experiment with it!

I’m looking forward to buying their preamp to try it out… By the end of the year…


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Posted: Tue 03.05.05, 8:17 pm Post subject:


Yes eh… I have talked to the fine folks of SAGE (father and son) I met the son/Bova Junior once, while I was mixing his band live… very unique preamps and microphones indeed… the pres are as pure as they come… reminds me of those old McCurdy preamps from the CBC… I’m talkin’ Canadian culture here… I get to talk shop with em’

I would like to get a Bova Ball for some day soon… the sample clip of the stereo overheads sound amazing on this vintage Ludwig kit… I will plug Sage producst as much as I can.

download and listen for yourselfs…

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Posted: Wed 04.05.05, 12:44 pm Post subject:

***I’ve had mine for about six months I’d guess (#16). It looks and sounds great, and always draws interested comments. I especially use it for percussion, and it’s a great bodrahn mic. As mentioned, a swell mono overhead. I’m looking forward to getting a matching one for stereo overhead recording. Under most circumstances I prefer other methods of micing acoustic guitar.

They are super nice people with a great emphasis on audio quality, innovation and aesthetics. Mr. Bova even called after I got the mic, to talk about how we like it. I like it very much, and it’s a bargain too.