1. record more instruments direct
  2. replace what i thought were acceptable pickups
  3. play more more more!   (and get better)

the sound is as big as the item is small

this afternoon i made a very terrible “music”

everything was 1 take (well maybe 2)

i played the same “song” (god it’s bad)

first with the Mighty G

and the second was with a Radial JDI


i went from the alternate di’s to the UAD pre and then to the Digi003

to pro tools never touching the knobs on the guitars.  in protools i

didn’t adjust anything except panning.


The first obvious thing is Volume, the second is dynamics, the third is use of  the sonic

spectrum, the MG had it all.  what a joke the Radial is.


word’s can’t express how terrible the Radial was in comparison, also

words can’t express how great the Mighty G is.


when i showed Sarah the 2 versions of the song she too was without

words, other than “really?….what?  woah…….”


you can find the “song” (god i should have thought that part through

more) through both di’s @ the sound samples page on the sage site

just go to the folder and grab the 24 bits.

Matt Ouimet

The Resonator / bova sound