Just wanted to drop a line,  as tonight we did the first critical listening tests of the bova amps vs. the 5534s.

We did this by switching between the ‘control room’ module and the ‘studio’ module in the board.  We patched directly in the 2trk input.  We were listening to Mackie 624s (the first series, the current ones sound like trash).

After marching 3 different engineers into the control room, and doing a blind shoot out, I’m pleased to say that the bova amps won every time.  There is in my opinion much more separation and much better stereo image listening through the bova amps.  As well, the frequency response is much better.

One of my favorite tracks to test with is a song called ‘This Blackest Purse’ on a record called ‘Eskimo Snow’ by a band named Why?.  After listening to that track (which I love, and have heard many times) through the bova amps, I experienced a depth I hadn’t previously heard.  The kick drum had more detail, not only could I hear the low end of it, but for the first time I heard the texture and flabby characteristic behind it.

On James Taylor’s ‘Fire and Rain’ it was obvious that I hadn’t actually heard the individual brush sticks on the snare and toms.  Yet, through the bova amps, I felt as though I could count the number of tines on the brushes as they played.

On ‘Good Time’ by Counting Crows (from the record ‘Hard Candy’)  I’d never heard the vocals so big.  And never before had the subtleties of the percussion stuck out so much.

I suppose the purpose of this email is to thank you for your contribution to our new/old console, and to assure you that I’m looking forward to bova’ing a few channels.  You have a believer.

Michael Russo

The Building Studios