SE Dot
Timothy Holder
Nashville, TN

Depth, clarity, punch, quieter – just better

I installed the SE-DOT5s straight away and I couldn’t be happier !! An amazing improvement … depth, clarity, punch, quieter – just ...
bova ball
Joel Hamilton
Studio G, Brooklyn

Incredible microphones

Hi Janet and Phil, I hope someone gets that Bova from you. they are incredible microphones! like your head, only mono…. and ...
pre amp
Jeff Botta


 – June 11, 2015 “oh, and when you get back, give me a listen to what y’all did. I really dig the sage ...
bova ball
Joel Hamilton
Studio G, Brooklyn, NY

Incredible on many sources

My favorite omni microphone. A spherical omni mic like if your head was mono… Totally amazing for anything where an omni is ...
mighty G
Shelley Montreuil
Fluffy Little Cowboys

The best!

The best little box I have ever bought!
SE Dot
Steven Antoniazzi
Riot Recording, Frankfort IL

The Bova’s have more clarity, faster, snappier, very good dimension

Just wanted to thank you and Janet for getting my order out fast. I already notice a good difference on my cues/echos ...