November 18, 2011
Audio Media – May 2004   Sage Electronics DI Joe Canadian hand-crafted microphone pre-amp, mic, and DI box specialist Sage Electronics has launched the cunningly-named DI Joe, featuring a discrete, active Class-A input, a robust, balanced output stage, and an impressive 10Hz to 50kHz frequency response.
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sage  ELECTRONICS®  CONNECTS  THE  DOTS  FOR CLASSIC  MCI  400  SERIES  CONSOLE  ENTHUSIASTS Ottawa, CANADA – August 4 2009 – sage ELECTRONICS® is proud to introduce its long-awaited SE-DOT5™ RED and BLUE (pure class A and class AB) discrete opamps ~ direct replacements for the 2001 and 2003 opamps found in classic MCI 400 series consoles....
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HIGH-END MICROPHONE PREAMP INTRODUCED BY NEW CANADIAN COMPANY Ottawa, CANADA — April 17, 2003 — sage ELECTRONICS®, builders of high-end hand-crafted microphone preamplifiers and DI boxes, today introduced the SE-Pre1™, an elegantly simple discrete ‘class A’ mic preamp. Designed by record producer / studio designer Phillip Victor Bova and hand-constructed on a one-off basis for...
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