RED SE-DOTs in MCI 500 series board

I tested sage RED DOT, API 2520 original,  Shadow Hills, avedis, Millennia MM 990 and JD 990 to tell truth AVEDIS and RED DOT won !!! BEST OF BEST !! respect to you and Mr avedis you guys nailed it Damir K Rogina / Synthetic Arts / moderates the 500 series forum on – […]

I love them very much

Hello, it’s Jonathan Wilson., producer / musician from Fivestar Studios in LA I have a set of the SE  dots in the master section of my mci 416. I love them very much and have made some pretty influential records the last few years through these opamps. I’ve been doing some upgrades to the board […]

Thanks again for giving life to my console with these opamps

“After extensive use of your opamps on my JH428 (master section, 2 channels, control room/studio monitor and cue/echo path), my feeling is that I just bought a class-a console with extended frequency response, a much “fuller” sound and more headroom. Tracking, mixing and monitoring now makes far more sense than before. Even upgrading the master […]

I could count the number of tines on the brushes

Phillip, Just wanted to drop a line,  as tonight we did the first critical listening tests of the bova amps vs. the 5534s. We did this by switching between the ‘control room’ module and the ‘studio’ module in the board.  We patched directly in the 2trk input.  We were listening to Mackie 624s (the first […]

thanks for taking the time & energy in developing these wonderful products

I use the EQ and you can actually hear a 2db change at 10k. It’s clearly evident that Philip has improved the performance of these circuits without affecting that good ‘ole punchy MCI sound. This old MCI lives again and we’ll be doing a lot of mixing through it soon. Thanks for taking the time […]

don’t waste your time figuring out what else you could use

Wow, buy them. Don’t waste your time figuring out what else you could use. Use that time working to save up for them. Well worth the cost. as posted to ‘MCI Consoles’ forum 7/20/09 by charlesaustin Austin Music Studios

if you own a 400 series MCI, you can completely hot rod the thing with minimal effort now!!!

Post subject: MCI owners take note!!! This is awesome…. http://www.sage-2021.local/images/SE-DOT_5A-5AB_opamp2.pdf One of my favorite companies on the planet just put up a new product on their website… A discrete replacement for the IC’s in MCI 4xx series consoles!!! I am hoping that this discrete opamp could be modified to live in other vintage consoles as […]

nothing like a first impression

Got the Bova Opamps today, they are very big. Probably 1inchx1inch. Nothing like a first impression. I will post files later. as posted to gearslutz ‘so much time so little gear’ forum 7/21/09 by charlesaustin Austin Music Studios

let me just say that these MCI pres are killer

In regards to the MCI 400 416 428 etc with the bova discrete opamps. I wanted to wait until it was available on his site to post this, and I will make a full post of its own soon. I did a sample for his web site. A pro tools file (available to download) shooting […]

it clearly sounded better than both a UA-la610 and a vintec x73i

Hi, I wanted to let you know the samples are done. I am more impressed with your product than I was before. Not only does it put the 2001 to shame, it clearly sounded better than both a UA-la610 and a vintec x73i. Both of which are pretty expensive pieces (although the ua does not […]