I really dig the sage preamps

“oh, and when you get back, give me a listen to what y’all did. I really dig the sage preamps and would very much like to hear what you sound like engineered by the fella what created em:). bet it’s epic” Jeff Botta to Dony Wynn on facebook

the se-1 – 57 – Gibson chain smokes large

Can I send you some cash in advance to ensure, (or should I say ENSURE) I’m first in line for a DI hot off the press? I’m about to come into some free time, and my guitars miss me, and there’s history to be made! by the way, the se-1 – 57 – Gibson chain […]

my initial impression of your mic-pre’s (WOW)

Its Michael Hynes here with my initial impression of your mic-pre’s (WOW). I am very pleased with the sound of my Sadowsky Bass and can only imagine what the drums are going to sound like. Thanks so much for a great product,   Michael Hynes Four Faces Media

the instruments that went through the sage pres sound awesome!

I’d like to thank you and Phil for the use of the pre-amps this past weekend. They were a joy to use and listen too. I am just getting around to listening to the beds that we recorded and the instruments that went through the sage pres sound awesome!   David Dudley Dave’s Drums / […]

they appear to be unclippable and yet don’t require a pad

we have some pretty sweet gear including 2 api 7600 ch strips, a manley voxbox, a gt vipre, one ua 6176 ch strip, great river mp2nv and a drawmer 1969 to compare the sage pres too. first of all i really like them, period. secondly for the price of the mp2nv we added four of […]

I’ll admit it I’m drooling

Hello Phil. Thanks for the info. Okay, I’ll admit it I’m drooling. I went over the spec sheet and our Electronics tech was looking over my shoulder. I swear he almost started crying. He’s a big Neve head and I have never seen anything impress him as much as your pre’s.   Steve Wagner CyberAudio […]

big, punchy, tons of great transient whallop

I couldnt stop gushing about the pre’s at this years TapeOp conference. I was on one of the main “big” panels this year, and I was honored that so many people wanted to talk to me! The pre is amazing. I really dont think they will be leaving this studio, in fact, Tony and I […]

I love it!

I love it! thank you so much…   Ray Canapini redcable

very very happy!!!

Hello Janet! SE-Pre 1 173333 arrived just on time for it’s first session. Musicians are very happy, producer is very happy, engineer and studio owner (uh.. that’s me!) is very very happy!!! Thank you again.   Benoit www.studioklaxon.com

crazy good build quality

Totally amazing amounts of headroom, super great sonic “signature,” and crazy good build quality. They look fun, too. Customer service is some of the best i have ever even heard of. Really amazing people.    Joel Hamilton Studio G posted to Tape Op Message Board Forum Index -> Gear Talk: Mon Mar 20, 2006 

amazingly open without being bright

as posted to http://homerecording.com/bbs ~ June 18, 2005 “The seventh circle stuff is ALL really good it seems. I have tried the API clone, and the N72. I like the API better, and I have a brent averill 1272 and a vintech x72… The N72 was just boring. it works, but nothing fun… The API […]

crystal clear highs and a fullness across the whole spectrum

hey all, … over the weekend i had some time to really dig in with the new pres. i first used them while tracking some electric guitars. the close mic’s sound was full and clear. great body and tone. also used them for some ambient room sound, and this is where the se-pre1 really began […]

I carry them with me even when I am working in a neve room

I cant say it enough: Sage electronics SE-1 mic pre. So amazing. I cant believe they go for as little money as they do. I carry them with me even when i am working in a neve room. They have become my #1 kick and snare pre’s. I also like them on, um… everything and […]

just so I can go anywhere with them!!!

On the plane…. SE-1’s safely packed in their new pelican case, just so I can go anywhere with them!!! Will report in after the session. Keep in mind this is a well known neve room I am working in for the next 10 days! It is called “tiny telephone” in sf,ca….google knows it… Sincerely, Your […]

gratitude for the lengths you went to

… Anyway, thought you’d like to know. I was tracking until about 3am last night, and the sound was just beautiful. It’s a little strange at first to hear the mic signal come through the headphones, with no coloration.. I thought I’d experienced that before but apparently not. And the relatively imperceptible noise level kind […]

your pres have the same sound that preamps did in the mid 60s

Your pres have the same sound that preamps did in the mid 60s … during music’s golden age when console manufacturers spent money to use discreet electronics that produced a richer fatter sound … no one does that these days Yours have a quality of sound … an expanded frequency response … we marry them […]

holy f$#Ck sh^(*&

Hey Janet And Phil I just wanted to say holy f$#Ck sh^(*&T the preamp really shines on drums really the best pre I have heard for kick and snare Great ! A+   Francois Lalonde Studio Piccolo, Montreal, Quebec

i am pretty much speechless

Janet and friends — i am pretty much speechless — we tried the pre out last night on an old tune — just a couple hours of recording, essentially pointing microphones without much care, just to see what the pre could do. the results are amazing — clear, open, fantastic. who knew that a single […]

loved it

Oh, and by the way, on a whim, just to try it out, on the final vocal track I ran JB through the Sage Mic Pre. And loved it.   Terry Manning Compass Point, then Bahamas Posted to REP ~ Forum: Whatever Works – Anatomy of a Session May «» Posted On: Thu, 07 June […]

these are the most luscious sounding preamps

First off, amazing work you guys are doing. I just picked up a pair of SE pres from a studio that was selling some of their outboard, and hands down these are the most luscious sounding preamps my mics have ever had the pleasure of being run through!!!! Great job!!! Thanks so much,   Daryl […]

I use the sage’s for kick and snare on every record I produce/engineer.

Joel Hamilton posted to TapeOp’s Gear Talk forum:   I have been using those sages for kick and snare for years now. Check out the gear list on the studio G website below. That’s the stuff i own. I use the sage’s for kick and snare on every record I produce/engineer. Every single one. No matter […]

sage ELECTRONICS Introduces SE-Pre 1 mic preamps

Posted by Harmony Central News on Apr 21, 2003 1:00:00 AM sage ELECTRONICS has introduced the SE – Pre 1, an elegantly simple discrete ‘class A’ mic preamp. Designed by record producer / studio designer Phillip Victor Bova and hand-constructed on a one-off basis for home, project and commercial studios as well as touring producers, […]