So glad that the Sage saga continues

This sounds exciting. So glad that the Sage saga continues. Last night I walked into our A room where Joel is recording and saw the Bova mics set up in front of the drums. They sound amazing in that room. It was also great to see all four of our Sagpre’s in action on the […]

Sounds great!!

Committing some final details on Josh’s jazz record. Sounds great!! ES125 captured via Phillip Victor Bova mic / Hamptone Tube pre, stellar vibe and detail. BENDYmusic — with Josh Sklair. Andy Snavley BENDYmusic

Voraciously detailed

At first I didn’t like the Bova Ball because I was misusing it. You have to give it some air. Voraciously detailed. @beautypill

the bova balls, as always, really were shining

Hi there!! I am at Rick Rubins studio in Malibu. It’s called shangri la and was made great by the band and bob Dylan. I am starting the next pretty lights record,  currently. The bova balls are here with me. James Gadson came in for a day of tracking with us, and the bova balls, […]

the people at sage are AMAZING

Below is a thread as taken from TapeOp ~ Recording General Forum 5/05 Joel Hamilton ears didn’t survive the freeze Joined: 19 May 2003 Posts: 3815 Location: NYC/Brooklyn Posted: Mon 02.05.05, 10:10 pm Post subject: Sage electronics Just about to get my “bova ball” finally. I am really looking forward to that microphone. Check it […]

The Ball is amazing. Period. LOVE it

The Ball is amazing. Period. LOVE it. Everyone was freaking out about it. Used the ball with a Manley VTL tube reference mic pre,Pultec EQP1 (creative custom) and a neve 33609 limiter for a room mic. Simply amazing. I think I need to get another one soon, as I am in love with this mic. […]

quality gear that sounds great

I have been absolutely loving the Bova Ball, and i really, really love the Sage electronics mic pre. They have become my “go to” kick and snare pre’s. So open, and HUGE. Even in a big room with a neve or API I would use the Sage pre’s on the kick and snare for sure. […]

one Bova Ball mic is simply not enough

Well, it is obvious to me that one Bova Ball mic is simply not enough. I want a second one. Lets do it! BTW, so far all the acoustic guitars on the new Sparks album are using the ball. Some with the Hamptone mic pre and some with a Universal Audio pre. Kudos! Also, we […]

it’s wonderful that Mr. Bova called here to check on the microphone

it’s wonderful that Mr. Bova called here to check on the microphone. Everyone has been marveling over it, and I’ve found it to be marvelous sounding, especially on percussion! I’m debating now whether to buy one or two more. … I think the design is great, and love the way it looks and sounds. … […]

these things have a magic attached to them

I just tried out my new Bova Balls on acoustic guitar and must say I’m very impressed. They are “kinda” Omni and although I use omni on acoustic guitar quite a bit these things have a magic attached to them. They claim that the ball shaped housing (like the DPA) captures the higher frequencies in […]

sage electronics “bova ball” kicks ass

———————————————————————— Sage electronics “bova ball” kicks ass. I have one. I have had one for a while. i have two channels of their pre as well. Awesome people, awesome gear through and through. ——————– as posted to; EQ Magazine Forums » Use Your Ears » 10-03-2005 11:32 AM by Joel Hamilton Member # 45521 has […]

totally my perfect omni

Joel Hamilton says: The Bova ball is one of the most amazing omni mics I have ever used… period. Spherical omni condenser with discrete FET support circuitry= HUGE. As room mics, they are unequalled. Really: un equalled. SO open, but super flattering at the same time. Like a more flattering earthworks TC30k, or a less […]

they freaking rock

I just got a duo of Bova Ball mics and i am completely hooked. They freaking rock. Kevin ‘Fibes’ Rose Elevated Basement Studio as posted to r/e/p ~ psw forum Fri, 02 September 2005

quite a stunning microphone I must say

Hello Phillip and Janet, Received the Balls right on schedule and in perfect working order. Quite a stunning microphone I must say. I had lots of comments from the band concerning their appearance and several questions concerning how they work! We had a chance to use them as room mic’s during a straight ahead full […]

incredible on many sources

Sage electronics “BOVA ball.”…. 579 CDN, so … like 500? $USA? ish? My favorite omni microphone. A spherical omni mic like if your head was mono… Totally amazing for anything where an omni is appropriate, and even some jobs where it really isn’t, because the spherical thing makes certain frequencies more directional than others…. incredible […]

the imaging is incredible

So tonite i tried my omni Bova Balls as overheads. There was a spot right over the front of the kit that was magical, i placed them there and know i could make the entire drum sound out of ’em. The imaging is incredible. Posted to Use Your Ears forum at MusicPlayer Forums by FIBES […]

it is just like your head, only mono

Scodiddly wrote: Hey Joel, how’s the Bova Ball worked for you so far? Building a sphere mic is on my (now incredibly overstuffed) to-do list. Love it. I have used the bova ball on almost every drum kit I have recorded since i got it. It is already on like 9 full records, and a […]

captures transients clearly and has terrific frequency detail

This is truly a unique mic, it is gently omni directional, is phantom powered, captures transients clearly and has terrific frequency detail. We loved it so much we bought 2 more! The Bova Balls, have found a happy home here recording acoustic guitars, stereo piano, drum overheads, and cymbals. Andy Snavley Bendy Music + check […]

Janet and Phil spared no effort or expense to make it right, immediately

maxim wrote on Thu, 20 July 2006 03:36 terry wrote: “other mic/pre combo …in conjunction with a U-47 through an old Neve” two mics on vocal: common technique? just summed in the mix, or filtered first? Not a common technique with me. I generally prefer ONE MIC on most any source, especially vocals. However, I […]

the only mic NOT making any wind noise was the SE-BB1 Bova Ball !

Hi Janet and Phil, I want to take the opportunity to say hello and let you know how much I love the Bova Balls. They have been used all over the studio with great success as overheads on drums (perhaps the clearest drum recording i’ve ever made), as conga mic’s (my personal favorite application) they […]

I love the preamps and the Bova Ball is my new favorite microphone

Hey Janet! Hope all is well. I finally got a chance to track some stuff with my new sage gear and it was truly music to my ears, pun intended :)- I love the preamps and the Bova Ball is my new favorite microphone. I like it so much that I’m going to start bringing […]

and am really chuffed with it

Hello again and congratulations on your new arrival- he’s a cute little thing. I finally had a chance to try out the Bova Ball and am really chuffed with it. It’s made a big difference to my little setup here. I’m using it with a Charteroak sa538 on acoustic guitar and vocals and getting nice […]

damn those are some magic balls

I did a cello session last night and was amazed at the combination of SM-2 up high and a set of Bova-Balls in ORTF about 3-4 feet out front. Damn those are some magic balls. Fibes Posted to REP – Forum: M.A.R.S., the Musicians And Recording Stuff forum! «» Posted On: Wed, 21 September 2005 […]

here is the BovaHeadLady herself

And here is the BovaHeadLady herself, new and improved over the old tape box, as she stared pensively down upon the Horns. She was a good listener. The guys wanted to name her “Sharon 2007,” but I’m not so sure yet.   Terry Manning Compass Point Studios, then Nassau Bahamas from Anatomy of a […]

the Bova Balls … they are amazing

Yes, I have three of the NT-4’s, and love them for stereo usage. You have also hit upon my other favourite “unknown” mic, the Bova Balls. They are amazing. And also a big hit when people see them. The Bova (Sage) mic pre’s are excellent as well.   Terry Manning Compass Point Studios, then Nassau […]

phase coherence is superb no matter how they are positioned

I recently got a pair of Bova Balls from Sage. I haven’t needed to use anything else for OH’s since. Phase coherence is superb no matter how they are positioned, they don’t have the hyped upper mid’s that so many modern mic’s have and they are tank like in their build quality. From Canada too. […]

they have been very good on percussion, acoustic guitar, piano, and even lead vocal

I really like my Bova Ball microphones (and the Bova preamps), but I have unfortunately not tried them on orchestra, or in D-tree config. Must do that. They have been very good on percussion, acoustic guitar, piano, and even lead vocal (used as “ambient” mic in conjunction w/U-47, but when solo’d, would have worked fine […]

we were all totally floored by the sound

I’m in a band called Get Him Eat Him (; we’ve done two full-length albums and a handful of self-released and home-recorded EPs. Here are two tracks from our last album Arms Down where we wound up mixing the Bova Ball room mic way way up: Joel Hamilton used the Bova Ball as […]

one of the most valuable tools in my arsenal

This is Steve Sopchak, a Bova Ball user from NY. I think it has been about two years since I purchased my first Bova Ball from you, though my memory of the exact date is a bit fuzzy. I just wanted to let you know that it has continued to be one of the most […]

phase relationship between the 2 mic’s is very impressive

Janet, just thought i should send you a quick line about the Bova Balls now that I have had a bit of time to become aqcuanited with them. First off, love them. I have been using them primarily as overhead’s for kit but also a few other unexpected roles. As overheads I have found them […]

one of the best purchase experiences I’ve ever had

Hey Janet, Thanks for the nice words on the Remember Tomorrow stuff! They actually just got signed to a decent sized independent label based off of those recordings, and I just got word this morning that the work we did together will be re-released with national distribution on May 26th. I’m really excited for them! […]

the results are nothing less than stellar!

I use the Bova extensively on acoustic guitars I record these days and the results are nothing less than stellar! Colin Cripps   Colin Cripps musician and record producer Kathleen Edwards, Colin James, Jim Cuddy, Sarah McLaughlin, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Sarah McLachlan, Justin Rutledge, Bryan Adams via facebook

a vibey-ness associated with them that is instantly pleasing and detailed

Hey Janet, I just had the chance to mess around with the pair for a little while. I am definitely thrilled with them. I can’t quite put my finger on the right way to describe them, but they have a vibey-ness associated with them that is instantly pleasing and detailed. I honestly can’t believe I […]

a really useful and unique microphone … beautifully made as well

Hi Phillip,I wanted to let you know I use one of your Bova Balls regularly for doing acoustic guitars and it works fantastic! A really useful and unique microphone. Beautifully made as well Cheers, Colin   Colin Cripps musician and record producer Kathleen Edwards, Colin James, Jim Cuddy, Sarah McLaughlin, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, […]