SE Dot

I use the EQ and you can actually hear a 2db change at 10k.

I use the EQ and you can actually hear a 2db change at 10k.

It’s clearly evident that Philip has improved the performance of these circuits without affecting that good ‘ole punchy MCI sound.

This old MCI lives again and we’ll be doing a lot of mixing through it soon.

Thanks for taking the time & energy in developing these wonderful products.


Jack Grochmal
Stackatrack, Nashville, TN and Ormond Beach, FL

Incredible on many sources

Changed My Life

A positive and productive relationship

Sorry LR Baggs 😎

Just Love

Safely packed for travel

Amazing little devils

I use it on every direct track


Words can’t express how great the Mighty G is

They 'listen like a fan'

I carry them with me even when i am working in a neve room


You can hear the string vibrate

Favorite new mic pre

Flattering & Natural

Great people, great gear, great attitudes

Great sonic signature

Come highly recommended

Still Going Strong!

Grammy Nominated


Bova opamps helped immensely

No more blurry RCA opamps

My 'go-to' kick and snare pre

Music's Golden Age

Mic pre is 'unclippable'

The Bova Balls shine