So glad that the Sage saga continues

This sounds exciting. So glad that the Sage saga continues. Last night I walked into our A room where Joel is recording and saw the Bova mics set up in front of the drums. They sound amazing in that room. It was also great to see all four of our Sagpre’s in action on the […]

Sounds great!!

Committing some final details on Josh’s jazz record. Sounds great!! ES125 captured via Phillip Victor Bova mic / Hamptone Tube pre, stellar vibe and detail. BENDYmusic — with Josh Sklair. Andy Snavley BENDYmusic

RED SE-DOTs in MCI 500 series board

I tested sage RED DOT, API 2520 original,  Shadow Hills, avedis, Millennia MM 990 and JD 990 to tell truth AVEDIS and RED DOT won !!! BEST OF BEST !! respect to you and Mr avedis you guys nailed it Damir K Rogina / Synthetic Arts / moderates the 500 series forum on – […]

Especially amazing low noise!

MIGHTY G was delivered, and I try to connect today. First impression, it’s warm acoustic sound. Especially amazing low noise! Taizo Nakata (ZOW), Musician/Engineer, Tokyo, Japan

Amazing pre’s, as always

“Surely! Amazing pre’s, as always – and proud to use them. We’ll send you something as soon as we return to base!” Matt Labozza Studio G Brooklyn

I really dig the sage preamps

“oh, and when you get back, give me a listen to what y’all did. I really dig the sage preamps and would very much like to hear what you sound like engineered by the fella what created em:). bet it’s epic” Jeff Botta to Dony Wynn on facebook

my pres will be very happy in their new home

THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!! you guys are way too nice. much appreciated. my pres will be very happy in their new home 🙂 with love from the wet coast, Jonathan Anderson Buenos Vista Audio

Voraciously detailed

At first I didn’t like the Bova Ball because I was misusing it. You have to give it some air. Voraciously detailed. @beautypill

the bova balls, as always, really were shining

Hi there!! I am at Rick Rubins studio in Malibu. It’s called shangri la and was made great by the band and bob Dylan. I am starting the next pretty lights record,  currently. The bova balls are here with me. James Gadson came in for a day of tracking with us, and the bova balls, […]

I love them very much

Hello, it’s Jonathan Wilson., producer / musician from Fivestar Studios in LA I have a set of the SE  dots in the master section of my mci 416. I love them very much and have made some pretty influential records the last few years through these opamps. I’ve been doing some upgrades to the board […]

Sound Candy

“I have had the pleasure of working with the MIGHTY G using my active Status-Graphite bass guitar for a short period. I recorded a funky section and the sonic spectrum was very impressive. Volume and playing dynamics were equally breath taking. The MIGHTY G is a winner from every angle. It’s build rock solid and […]

I will use this DI regularly forever.

“I used MIGHTY G at my live performance. The MIGHTY G is amazing DI for acoustic guitar. It’s sound is clear, warm and gentle. Especially the MIGHTY G has few noise. I will use this DI regularly forever.” With thanks and kind regards, Taizo Nakata (ZOW), Musician/Engineer, Tokyo, Japan

It was totally fricking awesome

“It was totally fricking awesome…straight into a P bass …sounded huge fat and god (james jamerson) like!!. The producer was blown away that a simple looking direct could sound that good … so was I” Jeremy Darby The Canterbury Music Company, Toronto

it is amazing

“I use it at the end of my chain for every direct track and I double it out when I have an amp and do a direct track with it right into the Neve it is amazing” Jim Bryson

what my acoustic guitar has been waiting for all of its life … “the Mighty G is what my acoustic guitar has been waiting for all of its life …” Lynne Hanson

Thanks again for giving life to my console with these opamps

“After extensive use of your opamps on my JH428 (master section, 2 channels, control room/studio monitor and cue/echo path), my feeling is that I just bought a class-a console with extended frequency response, a much “fuller” sound and more headroom. Tracking, mixing and monitoring now makes far more sense than before. Even upgrading the master […]

love the sound

I plug directly into the guitar with mine and send to PA/amp. Love this system, love the sound, love the people who make ’em. Marc Charron

I could count the number of tines on the brushes

Phillip, Just wanted to drop a line,  as tonight we did the first critical listening tests of the bova amps vs. the 5534s. We did this by switching between the ‘control room’ module and the ‘studio’ module in the board.  We patched directly in the 2trk input.  We were listening to Mackie 624s (the first […]

sorry LR Baggs

“Sorry LR Baggs, going with the awesome Sage Electronics DI today.” ~ Jim Bryson while on tour with Kathleen Edwards 1/13 via facebook

the tone is AWESOME

“Wow! just plugged it in w my guitar, the tone is AWESOME. Really well rounded, and responds extremely well to dynamics in playing- especially when I play hard, and really lay into the strings.”          Craig Mainprize Phantom Shores

it’s my little secret weapon

Been using my Mighty G for a few years at live shows/ recording sessions & it has never let me down. People always comment how good my acoustic guitar sounds. It’s my little secret weapon. Thanks guys Marc Charron via facebook

you can hear the string vibrate … the beginnings and ends of all the notes

The passive box sounds really small and like you’re in a different room with the instrument.  The MIGHTY G you can hear the string vibrate … the beginnings and ends of all the notes … the sounds of my fingers on the strings … It’s amazing.             Adam Fogo bass guitar and viola da gamba […]

the Mighty G changed how i feel about my guitar

I am now intimately involved with my d.i.- The Mighty G changed how i feel about my guitar. Sound guys are surprised and intrigued every time i shove it up my axe … hahahhahaheehee It makes my 600 dollar guitar sound like 1200-, and i LOVE the juicier more powerful sound coming out of my acoustic. Keep […]

I love the sound of your Mighty G DI on the CP-70

Hi Janet and Phil, I recently worked with friends from Puremagnetik, a subscription sample instrument company, to re-create my Yamaha CP-70 … they do really cool stuff. I love the sound of your Mighty G DI on the CP-70.  It really made a big difference relative to other DI’s in my place, and of course, […]

brings out the best in an acoustic guitar

I found that it had a very flattering and natural way of bringing out the best in an acoustic guitar. High end clear and concise, low mids in check and no unnecessary embellishment. No matter the speakers, a warm and brilliant result every time. A tube flavor seems apparent .. In the studio, the convenience […]

plugging in the Mighty G made me want to do 3 things:

record more instruments direct replace what i thought were acceptable pickups play more more more!   (and get better) the sound is as big as the item is small this afternoon i made a very terrible “music” everything was 1 take (well maybe 2) i played the same “song” (god it’s bad) first with the Mighty […]

thanks for taking the time & energy in developing these wonderful products

I use the EQ and you can actually hear a 2db change at 10k. It’s clearly evident that Philip has improved the performance of these circuits without affecting that good ‘ole punchy MCI sound. This old MCI lives again and we’ll be doing a lot of mixing through it soon. Thanks for taking the time […]

don’t waste your time figuring out what else you could use

Wow, buy them. Don’t waste your time figuring out what else you could use. Use that time working to save up for them. Well worth the cost. as posted to ‘MCI Consoles’ forum 7/20/09 by charlesaustin Austin Music Studios

if you own a 400 series MCI, you can completely hot rod the thing with minimal effort now!!!

Post subject: MCI owners take note!!! This is awesome…. http://www.sage-2021.local/images/SE-DOT_5A-5AB_opamp2.pdf One of my favorite companies on the planet just put up a new product on their website… A discrete replacement for the IC’s in MCI 4xx series consoles!!! I am hoping that this discrete opamp could be modified to live in other vintage consoles as […]

nothing like a first impression

Got the Bova Opamps today, they are very big. Probably 1inchx1inch. Nothing like a first impression. I will post files later. as posted to gearslutz ‘so much time so little gear’ forum 7/21/09 by charlesaustin Austin Music Studios

let me just say that these MCI pres are killer

In regards to the MCI 400 416 428 etc with the bova discrete opamps. I wanted to wait until it was available on his site to post this, and I will make a full post of its own soon. I did a sample for his web site. A pro tools file (available to download) shooting […]

it clearly sounded better than both a UA-la610 and a vintec x73i

Hi, I wanted to let you know the samples are done. I am more impressed with your product than I was before. Not only does it put the 2001 to shame, it clearly sounded better than both a UA-la610 and a vintec x73i. Both of which are pretty expensive pieces (although the ua does not […]

the people at sage are AMAZING

Below is a thread as taken from TapeOp ~ Recording General Forum 5/05 Joel Hamilton ears didn’t survive the freeze Joined: 19 May 2003 Posts: 3815 Location: NYC/Brooklyn Posted: Mon 02.05.05, 10:10 pm Post subject: Sage electronics Just about to get my “bova ball” finally. I am really looking forward to that microphone. Check it […]

The Ball is amazing. Period. LOVE it

The Ball is amazing. Period. LOVE it. Everyone was freaking out about it. Used the ball with a Manley VTL tube reference mic pre,Pultec EQP1 (creative custom) and a neve 33609 limiter for a room mic. Simply amazing. I think I need to get another one soon, as I am in love with this mic. […]

quality gear that sounds great

I have been absolutely loving the Bova Ball, and i really, really love the Sage electronics mic pre. They have become my “go to” kick and snare pre’s. So open, and HUGE. Even in a big room with a neve or API I would use the Sage pre’s on the kick and snare for sure. […]

one Bova Ball mic is simply not enough

Well, it is obvious to me that one Bova Ball mic is simply not enough. I want a second one. Lets do it! BTW, so far all the acoustic guitars on the new Sparks album are using the ball. Some with the Hamptone mic pre and some with a Universal Audio pre. Kudos! Also, we […]

it’s wonderful that Mr. Bova called here to check on the microphone

it’s wonderful that Mr. Bova called here to check on the microphone. Everyone has been marveling over it, and I’ve found it to be marvelous sounding, especially on percussion! I’m debating now whether to buy one or two more. … I think the design is great, and love the way it looks and sounds. … […]